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Category: Russia/Germany
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
OS Family: DOS
Wikipedia: PTS-DOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 7.0 | unknown

PTS-DOS 32 – a version of the PTS-DOS operating system, compatible with both MS-DOS 6.22 and MS-DOS 7.1, supports FAT-32, large hard drives, large amounts of RAM, up to 4GB.

PTS-DOS 2000 – a powerful and fast 16-bit disk operating system that is fully compatible with MS-DOS and all its applications. In addition to DOS itself, the PTS-DOS package includes: a peer-to-peer LotLAN local area network that supports all standard network functions, a file manager, an archiver, a boot manager, boot virus protection tools, a graphical web browser, an e-mail client, ftp- client, telnet, as well as a large set of various system utilities. PTS-DOS 2000 gives you more conventional memory than any other DOS.

PTSDOS has originally been developed at PhysTechSoft, Moscow, an enterprise which is sponsored by the Russion Defense Ministry. They finally gained allowance to distribute their DOS commercially, which lead to the releases of PTSDOS V6.4 and V6.5 in Germany.

In 1995, some programmers (according to their statements dissatisfied with the vast bureaucracy at PhysTechSoft) left PhysTechSoft and took copies of the whole source code of PTSDOS with them. They founded “Paragon” and released an own version of their DOS, PT$DOS 6.51CD. This version fixed a lot of urgent bugs in PTSDOS 6.5 In the meantime, PhysTechSoft released PTSDOS 6.6, which also fixed a lot of bugs in V6.5.

According to the president of PhysTechSoft, Paragon has no permission to sell anything abroad and is therefore not only violating copyright laws, but also Russian military law. We are going to see a major lawsuit in this case.

The screenshot of PTS-DOS source is Wikipedia; author: Ghettoblaster; License: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

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