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Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Openbox
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Debian
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 0.5 RC2 | September 2, 2018

PostX (previously: Audax) – a lightweight Linux distribution with a Openbox desktop based on Debian Jessie (8).

By default the distribution uses only free software. The distribution can also be burnt to a cd or a usb stick due to its small size. The overall system is designed to be lightweight and as such it uses as low amount of RAM as possible while featuring many common tools for the regular user.

PostX can be used directly from a media as a live distribution or installed to a hard drive.

The PostX 0.2.5 and an older version called Audax was also based on Debian, but used the Fluxbox window manager as default.

The live-mode default username is: audax
and the password is: live


PostX 0.5 RC2 amd64 649MB.iso
md5sum: 0686e99ce82cdeede9d4a613f7e39c75
PostX 0.2.5 i386 587MB.iso
md5sum: 3be5cc546f0a1f7b1f2d1983ea546bfc
Audax 0.2 i386 492MB.iso
md5sum: bb2b49b01e3fef8f7a7bdcc03be6c403


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