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Web site: (not active)
Origin: USA
Category: Supercomputer
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: CDC 7600, Cray 1/X-MP/Y-MP
Based on: Cray Time Sharing System
Wikipedia: NLTSS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 1988

NLTSS (Network Livermore Timesharing System or New Livermore Time Sharing System)- a distributed, object-oriented operating system based on a pure message passing kernel and capabilities.

The primary goal of NLTSS was to design an operating system which allowed the application developer to take advantage of both the multiprocessing capabilities of supercomputer class machines and the distributed computing resources of a network of computers. The NLTSS designers referred to this as a Multicomputing environment. The general goals of the system were to facilitate extendibility, be backwards compatible with LTSS and use standard interfaces.

NLTSS was designed from the beginning to be a distributed operating system. As such, it has addressed most of the issues inherent in distributed operating systems.

NLTSS ran initially on a CDC 7600 computer, but only ran production from about 1985 until 1994 on Cray computers including the Cray-1, Cray X-MP, and Cray Y-MP models.

The NLTSS was developed at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (now Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) from 1979 until 1988.

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