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Web site: (not active)
Origin: Greece
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: GNOME
Architecture: x86
Based on: Ubuntu
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 6 | August 9, 2011

Monomaxos – a Linux distribution that virtually covers all the user’s requirements from a Live DVD so can be tested without installing it on a hard drive. An effort has been made to ensure that almost all programs included in the distribution as well as the actual operating system are translated into the Greek language.

It fully supports all known types of multimedia files and web elements and can even be used as a Media Center. It has a full office suite with functional spell-checking in Greek and has a graphical interface with stylish graphics available even for computers that do not have full 3D support capabilities.

A very important feature, added with version 4.0, is ability to install it on a hard disk and through Windows. It creates a dual boot system where the startup of the computer simply chooses whether to start the Monochrome or Windows. This setup mode allows for a very fast and “bleak” uninstallation if the user desires it.

For those with older computers, a version called Monomaxos Lite edition has been created which requires very low RAM/16MB graphics card requirements, as is the case of netbooks. For the creation of the Lightweight version of Monomaxos, it used Ubuntu 9.04 mini CD base. The interface in this version is very lightweight LXDE and can be installed on ext4 file system.

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