Web site: (not active)
Origin: France
Category: Desktop, Cloud
Desktop environment: GNOME
Architecture: x86
Based on: Ubuntu
Wikipedia: Joli_OS
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 1.2 | March 9, 2011

JoliOS – a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and which features web based application, services, software and online backup option.

JoliOS was the first cloud operating system designed for netbooks and recycled computers in mind. It was installed in 2 millions devices around the world. Joli OS paved the way towards products like ChromeOS and the Chromebook. The project has been discontinued and is no longer officially supported.

The project was founded in 2008 by Tariq Krim and Romain Huet.


JoliOS 1.2 i386 707MB.iso
md5sum: 6cc186716ab8a33e175e4a0bafbe6a4e


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