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Web site: www.microbsd.net (not active)
Origin: Germany
Category: Server
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: OpenBSD
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 0.7 beta | October 2003

MicroBSD – a fork of the UNIX-like BSD operating system descendant OpenBSD 3.0, begun in July 2002. The project’s objective was to produce a free and fully secure, complete system, but with a small footprint. The first phase of its development stopped in 2002. The project was later resumed by a new group of developers, which stopped development again in 2003.

Because of violations of the BSD license the MicroBSD project has been completely removed from the internet, and all MicroBSD users are asked to remove it from their computers.

The old MicroBSD project (hosted at microbsd.com) does not exist anymore, but code from it has been incorporated into the MirOS BSD project. The last version of the old MicroBSD 0.6 project was released in October 2002.

The new MicroBSD project set its goal as trying to continue what the original MicroBSD project began. A new edition of version 0.6 – with cleaned up source code and corrected copyright statements – was released in October 2003. A beta 0.7 version was being derived from OpenBSD 3.4, but the project stalled and all development ceased that November.

MicroBSD was under development by individuals from Bulgaria and was intent on a focus toward security, development of a user interface, easy management and configuration, and the addition of Bulgarian-specific localization.

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