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Web site:,130667.0.html
Origin: unknown
Category: Game
Desktop environment: LXDE
Architecture: x86_64
Based on: Arch Linux
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 2020.04.08 | April 8, 2020
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: GroovyArcade

GroovyArcade Live-CD – a GNU/Linux distribution aimed at game lovers. The live system is based on Arch Linux and is offered in a 64-bit liveCD/liveUSB version. It can be installed from a LiveCD on your computer’s hard drive or run from a USB flash drive.

The system features state-of-the-art DRM for Linux with kernel mode switching and patches to enable 15kHz operation for arcade monitors and NTSC/PAL TV output. It uses the latest versions of Xorg so that Vsync works with OpenGL without interruption and running at the monitor’s vertical refresh rate.

It uses AdvanceMenu or WahCade as an interface and a custom C program called SwitchRes that uses Xrandr and a custom modelin generator to dynamically switch modes for the most optimal emulation resolution on an Arcade monitor or other types of monitors.

The system is ready to use from the first time you run the liveCD, and you can enjoy an almost flawless emulation, depending on the capabilities of Arcade Monitors.

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