Good Life Linux

Last Updated on: 5th November 2022, 12:39 pm

Web site:
Origin: unknown
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: LXDE, Openbox, Xfce
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Devuan
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 20170414 | April 14, 2017

Good Life Linux – a minimal, Devuan based LXDE, Openbox, and Xfce operating systems.

Good Life Linux was made so that users with older hardware could install a minimal and base LXDE, Openbox, or Xfce system in order to make their system into what they need without any additional bloat to remove. Featuring the artwork of Ghost Sixtyseven, you get an attractive, stable, and base system (that’s low on resources) which allows you to add only what you want or need. What goes on your system is up to you.

There are no major applications preinstalled; such as, Firefox, Chromium, LibreOffice, Abiword, VLC, etc. No major applications are forced on you. They can easily be installed with the Synaptic Package Manager or the terminal. Aside from including some preinstalled wireless firmware, all that you get are a few essential tools and a few applications that are required by LXDE or Xfce. Other than that, you’re free to install what you want on your system.


Good Life Linux Openbox 20170414 i386 455MB.iso
md5sum: 985f78f42231fdc66f3d2421ed97e538
Good Life Linux Openbox 20170414 amd64 446MB.iso
md5sum: edf1128890e2f2dd344ced4556a241bc

Good Life Linux LXDE 20170324 i386 421MB.iso
md5sum: b5103fcfcf7bd2d3febf555c69dc9c29
Good Life Linux LXDE 20170324 amd64 413MB.iso
md5sum: 9b18a93cd20dd3a28f880eb6e79d0c8b

Good Life Linux Xfce 20170403 i386 443MB.iso
md5sum: 6e42278f462d1054b41cee7870895283
Good Life Linux Xfce 20170403 amd64 435MB.iso
md5sum: 18d4d43729443583e1e208c6ce0ec3d4

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