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Web site: fedberry.org
Origin: unknown
Category: desktop
Desktop environment: Xfce
Architecture: ARM
Based on: Fedora
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 29.1 | November 30, 2018

FedBerry – a Fedora Remix specifically built for use with Raspberry Pi® 2/3 Model B computers.

FedBerry allows people to easily install and use Fedora on the RPi2/3. FedBerry was created when Fedora did not previously support the Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B (RPi2/3).

FedBerry is an optimized Fedora remix which fully supports all RPi2/3 hardware.

The major differences between Fedora arm releases as compared to Fedberry releases are:
• The use of our own custom kernels (using the Raspberry Pi foundation’s bcm2709 kernel port).
• The use of Raspberry Pi foundation’s own bootloader (ie. we don’t use uboot).
• The use of swap files in lieu of swap partitions.
• tmpfs is enabled but size limited to 100M.
• The root partition is automatically expanded on first boot.
• Various RPi specific applications / software are included by default.
• To facilitate optional headless booting, a default root password is set in the ‘minimal’ release.

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