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Web site:
Origin: Ukraine
Category: Desktop, Server
Desktop environment: KDE, GNOME, Xfce
Architecture: x86
Based on: Fedora
Media: Install CD
The last version | Released: 3.2 | February 15, 2006

myLinux – a Fedora based Linux distribution. The myLinux software will allow you to perform all the necessary work on document management, development of presentations, data processing, access to the Internet and e-mail…

The distribution was built on the basis of RedHat Linux. After the termination of the existence of the single RedHat Linux distribution and its division into RedHat Enterprise Linux (a commercial product) and the Fedora Project (a free project supported by RedHat on the basis of sponsorship), the distribution moved to the base of Fedora packages.

The default language during installation is Ukrainian. You can change it to Russian or English. However, the system itself is internationalized and supports a large number of languages, including Ukrainian and Russian. During installation, you can choose any of the supported languages. In the installed system, you can choose any of the selected languages before starting the session. Each user of the system can choose a language independently of other users.

The distribution is compatible with Fedora2/Fedora3, so any packages available for them should work. Large collections of packages are available online: Fedora3 Extras, a repository by Dag Wieers.

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