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Origin: USA
Category: Workstation
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: MOS 6502
Based on: Independent
Wikipedia: Commodore DOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 10 | unknown

Commodore DOS (Disk Operating System) – a floppy disk operating system from the Commodore company that was used in the floppy disk drives of the Commodore 8-bit series, e.g. B. CBM 3040, CBM 4040, CBM 8050, CBM 8250, VC1540, VC1541, VC1570/71, VC1581, SFD1001, SFD1002.

At least seven versions of Commodore DOS exist:
– 1.0 – Commodore 2040 and Commodore 3040
– 2.0 – Commodore 4040 and Commodore 3040
– 2.5 – Commodore 8050
– 2.6 – Commodore 1540, Commodore 1541, SX-64, Commodore 1551, Commodore 2031 (“lp”) and Commodore 4031
– 2.7 – Commodore 8050, Commodore 8250 (“lp”) and Commodore SFD1001
– 3.0 – Commodore 1570, Commodore 1571 and Commodore 8280 (8280: 8-inch), as well as in Commodore D9060 and Commodore 9090 hard drives
– 3.1 – Integrated Commodore 1571 in the C128D-CR
– 10.0 – Commodore 1581 (3½-inch)

Features of Commodore DOS
Actions such as formatting floppy disks, renaming, deleting or copying files are therefore carried out by Commodore DOS and take place entirely in the drive unit. DOS offers a flat file system (see SFD100x for details) without subdirectories and with a limited number of entries, i.e. files, per data medium (floppy disk or hard disk). The maximum number of entries varies with the capacity of the respective data medium, from 170 KB diskette to 4.5 MB hard disk drive.

The Commodore64 screenshot source: Wikipedia; Author: Syp; License: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

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