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Web site: (not active)
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Openbox
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Ubuntu
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 3.25 | May 12, 2016

ProxLinux – a lightweight Lubuntu based distribution designed to be beautiful, feature filled, productive and little unconventional.

The traditional ‘Start’ menu not exist, instead right click anywhere on the desktop or panel to access your menu.

Inspired by Fluxbox and Fluxbuntu but built with Openbox. Out of the box ProxLinux comes with the standard suite of Lubuntu packages with some added extras and beautifully themed.


ProxLinux 3 i386 928MB.iso
md5sum: 39ab4176aff951427587f8b1575cd12c
ProxLinux 3.25 amd64 837MB.iso
md5sum: 514eae95858fba9762cc1deb2e9f0744


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