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Web site:
Origin: India
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Linux Mint
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 17 | May 19, 2015

OpenLX Linux – a Linux distribution aims to offer an Enterprise-grade Linux to the widest spectrum of users, right from the individuals wanting a freely download-able/exchangeable one, right up-to the large-Enterprise that needs 24/7/365 support with complete aspects of Installation-Maintenance-Support-Training aspects being taken care of at a single point.

OpenLX Linux will be a meeting point of Indian-techies, giving space and recognition to their initiatives and activities and giving them a platform that will be truly their own. OpenLX, with Technical Universities and colleges, intends launching initiatives for Education-Industry interface to give a strong push to create entrepreneurs based on Linux.

OpenLX Linux Desktop provides a cost-effective alternative to proprietary operating systems. OpenLX Linux Desktop makes it extremely attractive to those businesses that don’t have a big budget but still want reliable, secure desktop for their users.

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