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Origin: USA
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment:
Architecture: PowerPC
Based on: BSD
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 7.2.1 | July 16, 2004

OpenDarwin – a freely available, multi-platform Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) / Mach 3.0 kernel-based UNIX-like operating system.

The goal of the OpenDarwin project, founded in April 2002, is to create an independent branch of the Darwin operating system that increases collaboration between Apple developers and the open source community. Apple benefits from the project because development in OpenDarwin is often incorporated into Darwin releases; and the open source community benefits since it is given complete control over its own operating system.

The OpenDarwin developers use a version control system called Concurrent Versions System (CVS to manage changes to the OpenDarwin source code. Many of the OpenDarwin developers are Apple employees, whereas others are not. It should be noted that the OpenDarwin project is fully independent of Apple, and has complete control over it’s own code, though they generally try to stay compatible with Apple’s own software.

Like most modern operating systems, OpenDarwin employs a built-in kernel debugger to help the developers find kernel bugs.

The goal of the OpenDarwin project is to provide resources for open source developers to interact and produce products for Apple’s Mac OS X. One of the key aspects of the project is to enable interested Mac OS X developers to be able to retrieve, modify, build, and distribute operating system changes.

The project has a Core Team , similar to the other various BSD projects. We are currently seeking contributors for all aspects of the project, and additions to the Core Team will be chosen from the most active contributors. One of the initial Core Team’s first action items is to establish the rules for how future Core Team and project members will be selected.

OpenDarwin core team members:
– Rob Braun – Founder of (a now defunct darwin information site), maintainer of xinetd , and contributing author to the UNIX System Administration Handbook.
– Kevin Van Vechten – The Darwin team at Apple.
– Torrey T. Lyons – A committer on the XFree86 Project, Torrey is the founder of the XonX Project. He is a scientist at Mission Research Corporation, Los Angeles.

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