NetBSD/i386 Firewall

Last Updated on: 10th August 2023, 04:41 pm

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Origin: Netherlands ?
Category: Firewall
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: NetBSD
Media: Install
The last version | Released: November 22, 2001

NetBSD/i386 Firewall – a NetBSD based, a free highly portable UNIX-like operating system available for many platforms, from 64bit alpha servers to handheld devices. It is a free firewall solution for people with a permanent Internet connection. This includes most users of cable or ADSL services, but also businesses with leased lines. PPPoE support and PPTP support is available on CD.

The base system is kept as lean and mean as possible, but there’s plenty of room to add services, such as your own mail and web server.

The standard NetBSD install has been extensively modified to make install as simple and straightforward as possible, and it is geared towards people who have no Unix knowledge and do not intend to get any.

NetBSD/i386 Firewall supports all the hardware that is supported by a standard NetBSD install.

The minimal configuration for a NetBSD/Firewall system requires a 80486 processor, 8M of RAM and about 40M of disk space. A minimum install of NetBSD is 4 MB of RAM on a 80386, but for a busy firewall, it is recommended a bit higher than that. Of course, you’re free to experiment if you’ve got a 80386 with 4 MB of RAM. Any i386 or better CPU should work – genuine Intel or a compatible such as Cyrix, AMD, or NexGen.

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