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Origin: Nepal
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: GNOME, KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Morphix
Media: Live CD/DVD
The last version | Released: 3.0 | May 25, 2008

NepaLinux – a Debian based Linux distribution localized into the Nepali language.
It features the complete Nepali language, fonts, input method, spell and grammar checker and dictionary.

The Live CD iso image offers the KDE desktop, set of KDE applications and Nepali locale only.
The Live DVD iso image can be run with Nepali or English locale, and uses GNOME desktop environment. There are pre-installed applications from GNOME and KDE desktops which can be run that GNOME desktop environment and vice versa.

The project was supported by the International Development and Research Center (IDRC), Canada and administered through the Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP), National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Pakistan.

The distribution was under development between 2005 and 2008 by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya.


NepaLinux 3.0 KDE i386 680MB.iso
md5sum: da5d058ac98fd1dc94b0a51c412eec64
NepaLinux 3.0 DVD i386 1.45GB.iso
md5sum: ad38e5985307abddffb8394022c2d5da


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