Navyn OS

Web site: (not active)
Origin: Poland
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Fluxbox
Architecture: x86
Based on: Gentoo
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2005.1 | January 14, 2005

Navyn OS – a Gentoo-based GNU/Linux distribution created by Mateusz Dworak aka compbatant.

Navyn OS features a very good nmap port scanner, a tcpdump sniffer and dsniff, focused mainly on capturing passwords. Nessus is a very versatile program, it is used to automatically search for vulnerabilities in a remote server and generates reports on potential vulnerabilities.

Since the distribution is distributed with header files of programming libraries, there is no problem with compiling programs, which can be helpful when compiling exploits, for example. Of course, there are such necessary programs as ssh or the very important nc, i.e. netcat. nbtscan is perfect for detecting shared resources in the local network.

The system starts from the disk, just burn the ISO and you can use the system. It is possible to install the system on a hard disk, this process is much simpler than installing gentoo. The heart of the system is kernel 2.6.5. The distribution includes the latest software: e.g. xfree4.4 (almost no distributions have it due to licensing problems), mplayer 1.0, gimp2.0.

The window manager is Fluxbox.

At startup, the system detects devices and configures them (mainly network cables and sound cards). All programs have low hardware requirements, the distribution is compiled for 686 architecture.

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