Monkey Linux

Last Updated on: 3rd September 2023, 01:08 pm

Web site: (not active)
Origin: Czech Republic
Category: Mini distribution
Desktop environment: Fvwm95
Architecture: x86
Based on: Slackware (?)
Wikipedia (PL): Monkey Linux
Media: Install Floppy
The last version | Released: 1.0.1 (?) | 1999 (?)

Monkey Linux – a small Executable and Linking Format (ELF) distribution based on Linux kernel 2.0.30 and Libc5. It uses the UMSDOS file system makes it an ideal semi-complete distribution for GNU/Linux newbies, because no knowledge of (re)partitioning hard drives is required for installation. Monkey works in its own folder within MS-DOS or Windows 3.x/9x/Me. The archived base distribution is less than 7MB in size and fits in
five floppies. After installation, Monkey takes up less than 30MB of hard drive space.

Minimal hardware requirements:
– 386SX
– 20MB on IDE HDD (+ 10MB for SWAP) on non-compressed DOS volume
– VGA for X Window

Applications preinstalled:
– Fvwm95, xterm
– editors: vi, joe (Wordstar compatible editor)
– telnet, ssh, ftp, traceroute, nslookup
– web browsers: Lynx, Netscape available in the installable additional package
– bootpd, bootpgw, cron
– many utilities for text processing (awk, sed, perl, etc.)
– utilities for working with IPX/SPX
– support for many filesystems: iso9660 (CD-ROM filesystem); NFS (Network File System from Sun Microsystems); ncpfs (Novell filesystem for shared volumes); smbfs (SMB Windows network filesystem but only over TCP/IP).

Its author is Czech, Milan Keršláger. From version 0.7 (1999) the distribution has been created by Marek Dankowski. The American IT specialist Pat Villani helped on an ad hoc basis.

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