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Last Updated on: 26th July 2023, 01:27 pm

Web site: (not active)
Origin: Romania
Category: Rescue
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Knoppix
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 1.5.6 | March 23, 2004

Live Defender – a BitDefender re-mastered Knoppix distribution which integrates the latest BitDefender for Linux security solution into the GNU/Linux Knoppix Live CD, offering instant SMTP antivirus/antispam protection and a desktop antivirus (integrated into KDE) which is capable to scan and disinfect existing hard drives (including Windows NTFS partitions), remote Samba/Windows shares or NFS mount points. A web-based configuration interface to BitDefender solutions is also included as a Webmin module.

Hot Features:
– NTFS write support (using Captive project)
– Disinfection of infected files from Windows XP partitions
– BitDefender AntiSpam server add-on
– Instant email protection (antivirus & antispam)

Software preinstalled on the LinuxDefender Live! CD CeBIT Edition:
– BitDefender SMTP Proxy (featuring a BitDefender AntiSpam module)
– BitDefender Remote Admin (Webmin interface & Windows console)
– BitDefender Linux Edition (free antivirus scanner)
– BitDefender for Linux Mail Servers 1.5.6 (Sendmail, Postfix, qmail & SMTP Proxy) fully functional evaluation versions featuring BitDefender AntiSpam module
– BitDefender for Samba 1.5.5-2
– BitDefender for e-Smith Mitel SME Server 5.5 (1.5.5-3mitel)
– BitDefender for Bynari’s Insight Server 4 (1.5.5-4)
– BitDefender Professional 7.2 for Windows (english and german versions)
– BitDefender Documentation (PDF & HTML format)
– BitDefender Extras (Artwork, Leaflets)
– Linux-Kernel 2.4.23.xfs, Kernel 2.6.1
– Captive NTFS write project
– LUFS – Linux Userland File System
– utilities for data recovery and system repairs, even for other operating systems
– network and security analysis tools for network administrators
– Amanda backup solution
– thttpd and Apache web servers
– Ethereal network traffic analyzer, IPTraf IP LAN Monitor
– Linux Userland File System and Logical Volume Manager
– Nessus network security auditor
– parted, QTParted and partimage, partition resize, save & recovery solution
– Squid www proxy cache server, tsocks and dante socks servers
– Synaptic, graphical package manager
– Adobe Acrobat Reader
– Internet connection software kppp,pppoeconf (DSL) and isdn-config
– KDE V3.1 as the standard desktop, including Konqueror WWW-browser, German, French and Spanish localization
– Gnome 2.4 Desktop Environment including Ximian Evolution groupware suite, Epiphany browser and Gnomemeeting H323 video conference solution
– IceWM, XFCE, WindowMaker window managers
– OpenOffice(TM), the GPL-developed version of the well-known StarOffice(TM) office suite
– X Multimedia System (xmms) an MPEG-video, MP3, Ogg Vorbis Audio player and xine
– Mozilla Web browser
– Frozen Bubble addictive game

System requirements:
– Intel-compatible CPU (Pentium 2/300MHz or better),
– 64 MB of RAM for text mode, at least 256 MB for graphics mode with KDE (512 MB recommended),
– bootable CD-ROM drive,
– standard SVGA-compatible graphics card,
– serial or PS/2 standard mouse or IMPS/2-compatible USB-mouse.

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