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Web site: (not active)
Origin: USA
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Debian
Media: Install CD
The last version | Released: 4.0.302 | June 22, 2003

LindowsOS (later: Linspire) – a commercial operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux by Linspire, Inc. It was focused on ease-of-use and targeting home computer users.

It used the WINE API to run Microsoft Windows applications. The WINE API was later dropped, as LindowsOS used a program called “Click’N’Run” (CNR). CNR is similar to Synaptic used to download apps with the APT tool.

Lindows was shipped with a customized KDE 3.x desktop, custom applications borderline cloning the Apple iLife suite, and a primitive “app store,” it was intended to be easy to use and fully functional out of the box.

In 2001, a company called Lindows Inc. created a new Linux Operating System.
The project founder is Michael Robertson.

– 0.91 Sneak Preview 2 April 5,2002
– 1.1.1 June 21, 2002
– 2.1.40 October 24, 2002
– 3.0.0 November 15, 2002
– 4.0.302 June 22, 2003


Lindows 2.1.40 i386 425MB.iso
md5sum: 0257aa452346d10b29939531563b45ac
Lindows 2.1.40 Bootfloppy i386 1.4MB.img
md5sum: 981f5a360154f12e69381623d0e25f47
Lindows 3.0 i386 407MB.iso
md5sum: 47440b12c6d17f450a87083898f0f155
LindowsOS 4.0.302 i386 464MB.iso
md5sum: 76a7c608e430f654f81403be86a71f6e


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