Local Area Security

Last Updated on: 24th July 2023, 04:27 pm

Web site: www.localareasecurity.com (not active)
Origin: USA
Category: Security
Desktop environment: Fluxbox
Architecture: x86
Based on: Knoppix
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 0.5 | March 6, 2004

Local Area Security (L.A.S.) – live-CD Linux distribution for information security professionals. It contains over 250 security tools including all the usual suspects (Nmap, Nessus, etc.) as well as many other great tools less well known. The ISO images are meant to be burned on 185MB and 210MB miniCDs which they update around twice a month. The distribution was available in 2 different versions of L.A.S. to fit two specific needs – MAIN and SECSERV.

The project was started in 2002 to research information security related topics. During that time there was no real live-CD toolkit focused on information security. So Jascha, the project founder built one from a stripped down version of Knoppix called Model-K. Both of which were built from Debian Linux. Up until version 0.4 L.A.S. Linux was command line only. After that, FluxBox was added as the desktop since it is light weight and very feature filled.

A few of the tools that wewe available in the distribution: etherape, mozillafirebird, argus-server, argus-client, arpwatch, bfbtester, cabextract, cflow, dlint, farpd, recover, gtkrecover, nasm, nast, strace, ltrace, sudo,valgrind, pnscan, isic, splint, sendip, scli, scanssh, rarpd, wellenreiter,router-audit-tool, httpush, bass, scansort, scanerrlog, idsa / idsaguardgtk, crank (for fun), ccrypt, ntfstools, pasmal, bruth, hlfl, less, smbfs, smstools, LinNeighborhood, snmp, snmpd, driftnet, Dillo, admsmp, admsnmp,arptool, di, hammerhead, flawfinder, foremost, md5deep, binutils, findutils,file, gall, libpst, libdbx, rda, ntreg, memfetch, stegdetect, mkpersistenthome, mkdosswap, pv, cscope, scanlogd, cgrep, bsed, vlad, warscan, zodiac, angst, hackbot, mieliekoek.pl, screamingcobra.pl, cmospwd, macchanger, vomit, atmelwlandriver, wlcardconfig, sshstart-knoppix.

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