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Origin: unknown
Category: workstation
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: JavaOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 2007

JOS – a free, open source operating system based on the Java technology, a free clone of JavaOS.

The JOS Project is a collaborative undertaking by an international group of Java™ programmers and enthusiasts aimed at the creation of a free and open Java™ based Operating System (JOS). As a collaborative effort, we work together to research how a Java-based operating system should work. Together, we work to build components for a Java-based operating system. We encourage free license and open source software for APIs, frameworks, tools and sister projects. Whenever possible, actual software demonstrates the mechanisms we recommend and alternatives we have discovered.

Many of the platform-independent operating system utilities are compatible with existing operating systems so you can take the software for a test drive. Our members are using Linux and Microsoft Windows™ to developing these components. Some of the APIs and frameworks are already production-quality code and can be integrate into your Java applications today.

JJOS Project is part of the JOS Project. It is a free license and open source Java™-based operating system. It combines the jJOS kernel and decaf virtual machine.

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