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Origin: unknown
Category: Specialist
Desktop environment: GNOME
Architecture: x86
Based on: Debian
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: Beta 18 | July 7, 2015

InvestiGateIX – a live-system for search empowering investigative journalists to setup an own open-source search engine on an encrypted external device to search in a large amount of documents, files and data for searching, overview, analysis, exploration, document discovery, text mining and document mining.

– your own internal search engine
– search in many documents and files (full text search, explorative search and interactive filters)
– analyze documents (document mining and text mining, aggregated overviews, viewer, wordlists and visualizations with wordclouds and trend charts)
– structure investigations (semantic wiki for tagging documents, annotations and structured notes and an user interface for managing named entities like persons, organizations, locations or concepts)
– automatic import of many different document formats:
– automatic text recognition (OCR) for images and graphical files like JPG or PNG, i.e. for scanned or photographed documents or for scans inside PDF
– secure: on an encrypted external device
– unhosted: works offline without need of internet or spying cloud services
– empowering journalists and activists: without need for an admin or computer specialist
— easy to setup
— easy to use
— cheep to use: one old standard pc or laptop or even a netbook is enough
– free open source software based on Debian GNU/Linux (Operating system), Apache Solr (Enterprise Search), Open Semantic Search (search engine and user interface) and Cryptsetup for dm-crypt and LUKS (disk encryption)
– extendable: Using open standards and offering a powerfull plugin interface you can write own search tools or data enrichment plugins with a few line of code

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