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Origin: Hungary
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: Commodore
Based on: Independent
Wikipedia: IDEDOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 1996

IDEDOS – a disk management operating system written in 6502 and 65816 assembly for the Commodore 64 and SuperCPU64, which controls the IDE64 interface card.

The IDE64 interface cartridge is an expansion port device for connecting ATA(PI) devices to the C64 or C128 computers.

Its most important task is to integrate ATA(PI) devices such as hard disk, CD-ROM, DVD, LS-120 (A-drive), ZiP drive and Compact Flash into the system in such a way that they show the same interface as traditional Commodore external storage devices.

The architecture of the cartridge allows easy update of firmware, so it’s possible to be up to date with the latest versions of IDEDOS. IDEDOS can handle four disks each clipped to a maximal 137 GB (128 GiB), and DVD drives up to 550 GB (512 GiB). A disk can be divided into a maximal of 16 partitions.

Files can be organized into a tree structured directory, each directory can contain 1023 files. Maximal file size is 4 GiB for regular files and 16 MiB for relative files. Filenames can be 16 characters long plus a 3 character file type. Automatic file timestamping is supported.

IDEDOS is free software, the source and the tools required to build the firmware are public and available for POSIX systems and Win32. The source is licensed under the GPL-2

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