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Web site:
Origin: Canada
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Gnome
Architecture: x86
Based on: Gentoo
Media: Install DVD
The last version | Released: | March 10, 2009

FrogLinux – a Linux distribution based on Gentoo Linux, created for French users.

FrogLinux is different from proprietary operating systems because it offers a real barrier to viruses and other malware. It also stands out for access to a huge amount of free software. Real innovations you get of Linux with the addition of Quebec personality by adding visual elements representing Quebec, a commitment to quality and suitable software:
– a set of bookmarks (favorites) in your Internet browser, Firefox, which allows you to access many websites Québécois. Example: news sites, attractions, services in your area and many others;
– a list of popular Quebec RSS channels has been integrated into Liferea. This allows you to receive news consistently described by the major news broadcasters like the CBC, Cyberpresse and many others;
– for radio enthusiasts, there are included in the music player software several radio sites of Quebec, as well as sound stream (podcasts) produced by people here;
– for your office software, there is, at your disposal, document templates that will help you in your creations;
– no need to take a look outside to know the temperature, there are included a small application (applet) to inform us of local weather conditions;
– a verb conjugation software named Verbiste made by Quebecers;
– the keyboard is configured by default in French; Typical of wallpapers; The software is configured in French.

Since version 2 of FrogLinux, it can by easily installed on a USB disk.

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