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Category: UNIX-like, Others
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: Intel 80386, Motorola 68030
Based on: VSTa
Media: Install
The last version | Released:

ForthOS – a complete, standalone operating system for the PC. It includes command line, compiler, debugger, editor, and filesystem. You can give it a test drive by booting the standalone CD (image provided so you can burn your own). If you like it, you can install it onto a disk partition and boot directly from your hard disk.

ForthOS was the basis for the author’s own experimental software work; unlike many other Forth systems, this one as a real tool in day-to-day use as a part of a larger development. It is a fully standalone system, with a metacompiler used to generate new versions of ForthOS while running under ForthOS.

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1 thought on “ForthOS”

  1. I tried this one & it proved to be fairly useless.
    It is uninstallable to hard drive because its file system 9e/158 is not recognised by any partitioning manager, and the creator couldn’t be bothered to explain how to create a partition.
    But given the author’s warning that using ForthOS can destroy all the data on your hard drive, it’s probably not worth the risk.
    It can be run live from a CD, and can be used to run Forth, but that’s about it.
    If you want a useful Forth, one where you can save your work, then you are better off using SwiftForth or GForth, as a safe programme that will not destroy your computer.


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