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Web site: www.fml.org/software/fdgw/
Origin: Japan
Category: Router
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: NetBSD
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 1.6.1 | February 2, 2004

fdgw – a one floppy version of NetBSD/i386, it can run on old machines without HDD and you can use it as small router, natbox or ADSL router. It is a minimal operating system.

Since the floppy size is very limited, it is not possible to build all-in-one box. So, “fdgw” provides several models for several purposes. Each model has different built-in applications and kernel configurations. For example, simplest model, “natbox” model supports IPv6 but ADSL router model not support v6 since ADSL router needs more programs, such as pppd and rp-pppoe, than natbox model.

fdgw is a tool kit to make one floppy version NetBSD from NetBSD source itself. Fundamental usage of fdgw is router (IP forwarding equipment). The “natbox” is a basic router. This model supports both IPv4/IPv6, NAT and DHCP by default. For example, you can use this as a pseudo firewall for your home.

There is ADSL router model (image file is “adslrouter.img”). This model supports NAT, DHCP, and PPPoE (pppd and rp-pppoe) for ADSL.
Fdgw supports many network interfaces in ISA, PCI, PCMCIA and CARDBUS bus as could as possible on NetBSD.

The project developer is Ken’ichi Fukamachi.


adslrouter i386 1.44MB.img
md5sum: 21fbf05318adc18323641d7621cb619a
bridge i386 1.44MB.img
md5sum: 6c98b1a89fd3d50a59f52f6f22c39876
mcastrouter6 i386 1.44MB.img
md5sum: 43b83556221dc7267df7a6d8bb29f895
natbox i386 1.44MB.img
md5sum: 4b87527e6795deda8b4c41b8a4c2e205
riprouter i386 1.44MB.img
md5sum: 193bfd9a2ef3d97bafeb5fa86dc17995


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