Deutsche Linux Distribution

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Web site:
Origin: Germany
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: X Server
Architecture: x86
Based on: Red Hat
Wikipedia (DE): Deutsche Linux Distribution
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 6.1 | 1999

Deutsche Linux Distribution (DLD) – the first German Linux distribution created in 1992 by Delix Computer GmbH.

The company of Delix Computer GmbH was founded by Dirk Haaga, Nils Mache and Jens Ziemann in 1994. Initially, it was compatible with Slackware, but this compatibility was abandoned when the system was changed from BSD to System V style and RPM introduced as the default package format. DLD was characterized by the translation of almost all documentations and programs into the German language.

At the beginning of 1999, the DLD version 6.0 Professional was certified by IBM as Netfinity Server Proven.
The last version of the DLD 6.1 was released in 1999.

In the same year, Red Hat had taken over the company Delix, and the DLD was discontinued. Dirk Haaga headed the Red Hat Germany GmbH until his accidental death in 2006 as CEO.
An update script was available on the Red Hat FTP server, which facilitates the technical transition from the DLD 6.01 to the current Red Hat Linux 6.1 distribution. On the Red Hat Web server, users will also could find documentation that describes the differences between the distributions and provides guidance on how to transition to Red Hat Linux 6.1. The DLD beginner support as well as the DLD mailing lists and FAQs was continued until the end of 1999.

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