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Origin: USA
Category: microkernel
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: Independent
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The last version | Released: ? | 2010

Coyotos – a secure, microkernel-based operating system that builds on the ideas and experiences of the EROS project, that itself is the successor of KeyKOS, itself coming from GNOSIS (Great New Operating System In the Sky). Much of the code developed for EROS will migrate directly to Coyotos. The EROS system that was created at the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University.

Coyotos will be written in BitCee. BitC is a SystemProgramming language that combines the “low-level” nature of C with the semantic rigor of Scheme or ML. BitC was designed by careful selection and exclusion of language features in order to support proving properties (up to and including total correctness) of critical systems programs.

The Coyotos project has several objectives:
– Correct some of the shortcomings of the earlier EROS design.
– Demonstrate that an atomic kernel design scales up as well as down. We are planning to bring up versions of Coyotos on large-scale multiprocessors.
– Provide an efficient linux compatibility environment for use as a transitional runtime system, so that we can explore adapting applications to a more secure API foundation.
– (Eventually) Construct the kernel and key utilities in a new systems programming language (BitC) with a well-defined, mechanically-specified semantics. This will allow us to formally verify security and correctness properties of the system and its key utilities.
– Develop the proving technology necessary to do useful verification about a project of this sort.

The primary developer of EROS was Jonathan S. Shapiro, who is also a driving force behind Coyotos and the BitC programming language.

Since March 2010, the main development effort has been on the BitC language being designed for use in Coyotos: as of April 2016, the last change to Coyotos was in June 2010.

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