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Origin: Netherlands
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: Atari 8-bit
Based on: Independent
Media: Install
The last version | Released: unknown

MyDOS – a DOS-like operating system targeted to Atari 8-bit machines.

MyDOS uses a modified DOS 2.0 format known as the MyDOS format. Extensions to this format include: support for subdirectories and disks with a capacity of up to 16 MB. MyDOS supports most memory expansions (used as a ramdisk).

At least two command interpreters and a window-based overlay – TOMS Navigator (available separately and as a built-in program for the TOMS 710 station) have been created for MyDOS, but it is criticized due to limited capabilities and too long loading times. All these programs replace the standard DUP.SYS.

The advantages of MyDOS include support for subdirectories and the ability to define any directory as “D:” (which is somewhat reminiscent of the so-called trail or access path known from SpartaDOS and modern operating systems).

MyDOS works incorrectly on computers with a 65C816 processor equipped with additional “linear memory”. This can be remedied by applying the fix presented here. The improved MyDOS still runs on 6502 computers.

The authors of MyDOS are Bob Puff and Charles Marslett.

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