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Desktop environment: TUI
Architecture: Atari ST, ARAnyM, Amiga
Based on: Unix-like
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MiNT/FreeMiNT (“MiNT is Now TOS”) – a free alternative operating system for Atari ST and its successors. Together with other free components such as fVDI (device drivers), XaAES (GUI widget) and TeraDesk (file manager), MiNT creates a free replacement for the TOS operating system with full multitasking.

MiNT was originally released by Eric Smith as “MiNT is Not TOS” (a pun on “GNU’s Not Unix”). Atari adopted MiNT as an official alternative kernel with the release of the Atari Falcon, changing the meaning of the MiNT acronym to “MiNT is Now TOS”. Atari shipped MiNT with AES version 4.0 (the multitasking version of GEM) under the name MultiTOS. After leaving the computer market, MiNT’s development was continued by volunteers. Currently, the official name has been changed and the system is called “FreeMiNT”, this happened at the request of Eric Smith. The reason for this was the need to distinguish the version of the system provided by Atari.

FreeMiNT project is a community based hub for several more or less related projects:
– FreeMiNT (kernel)
– XaAES (multitasking GEM AES replacement, part of FreeMiNT now)
– MiNTlib (libc for FreeMiNT and TOS, a C standard library)
– FDlibm (libm for FreeMiNT and TOS, a C math library)
– GEMlib (GEM bindings for writing GEM apps)
– MiNTbin (set of, mostly deprecated, tools for manipulation of (Free)MiNT binaries)
– git (experimental fork for FreeMiNT of the popular version control system)
– m68k-atari-mint-gcc (gcc for FreeMiNT)
– m68k-atari-mint-binutils-gdb (binutils and gdb for FreeMiNT)
– (project website sources, you’re reading it)

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