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Web site:
Origin: USA
Category: Desktop, Mini system
Desktop environment: oZone
Architecture: x86
Based on: FreeDOS
Media: Virtual Machine Image
The last version | Released: Prerelease4 | March 26, 2014

LightDOS – a free operating system based on the FreeDOS kernel.

LightDOS features built-in the oZone desktop environment, mouse drivers, long file name support, improved commands, support for popular file systems, and more. oZone GUI is a mutliplatform desktop enviroment which runs under DOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

LightDOS has full support for CD/DVD drives, can read and write to FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 partitions, can read NTFS partitions. Thanks to the FreeDOS kernel, which provides full support for Microsoft DOS programs, LightDOS can run every program designed for MS-DOS and it’s clones.

The founder and developer of LightDOS is Corbin Davenport.
The last version of LightDOS Prerelease4 was published in 2014, then the author moved his project to CarbonOS as the LightDOS successor.

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4 thoughts on “LightDOS”

  1. As of 6/1/2016 the download link goes to a SourceForge project that no longer contains a copy of LightDOS and instead directs you to Cobalt 1.0+ on GitHub (an apparent LightDOS and CarbonOS successor). You might want start hosting this older version yourself.

  2. This was an amazing dos os lightdos I am a vintage 14-year-old guy going to high school next year I love using old computers oses my favorite is windows 3.1 I was encouraged to do this stuff I like windows 95 and 98 for reasons


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