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Origin: unknown
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Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: unknown
Based on: Independent
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 2005 (?)

KnowOS (Knowledge Operating System) – a project for a Dynamic system with persistent objects. It is written on Common Lisp by Mike Travers, JP Massar, and Jeff Shrager as an underlying framework tool for BioBike.

Knowledge Operating System (KnowOS) supports several real applications, including BioLingua, a knowledge-rich biocomputing workbench, and CACHE, a tool for collaborative information analysis. The KnowOS is essentially a web-based Lisp environment, providing apparent persistence of complex data and processes, internal and external application integration, multi-user management, and user interface tools for dealing with networks of complex objects.

From the KnowOS paper:
The concept of a Knowledge Operating System came upon us rather than us coming upon it. In 2002, in collaboration with NASA’s Computational and Fundamental Biology division, we set out to build a biologist’s programming environment, which eventually became BioLingua. First made public in mid 2003, the fundamental insight in BioLingua was that biologists and other scientists needed to be knowledge programmers.

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