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Origin: Slovenia
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Fluxbox
Architecture: x86
Based on: Independent
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 0.95 | October 20, 2003

KibZilla – an independent live Linux distribution based on rpm packages.

The project embarks on the creation of a stand-alone Linux distribution based on RPM packages, but its main feature is the use of a CDROM drive. It also allows installation on a hard disk. The distribution would be intended for use on the Intel x86 platform. In the foreground, the distribution would be intended for use at publicly accessible points, such as cyber cafes, e-points.

The main advantage is a graphical interface that is entirely modified by the project. The graphical interface is produced in XUL language. In this way, programs that are intended for use in Mozilla should be started within the Mozilla. The project has similar guidelines than the oEone’s ( product, the HomeBase product, but it is commercial, and some parts that are intended for use within the Mozilla are issued as open source.

The system achieves utility on the level of a regular computer with Microsoft Windows, an Internet browser and a word processor. The end product would not restrict the use of other linux programs on distribution, and it could also be run from an XUL interface (video conferencing programs, openoffice, etc.).

For all components of the Mozilla, existing translations could be used: The interface in the XUL language, Installation program and documentation is available in English and Slovenian.

The live system components:
– a simple and intuitive graphical interface written in the XUL programming language
– FluxBox window manager is also suitable for inexperienced Linux users
– a well-executed version of the very expanded and popular Mozilla Open Source browser (version 1.4)
– Composer/Editor – powerful web site editor

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