Igelle DSV

Last Updated on: 24th May 2023, 12:49 pm

Web site: www.igelle.com (not active)
Origin: Philippines
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Esther
Architecture: x86
Based on: Independent
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 1.0 | February 22, 2010

Igelle DSV – a Linux based operating system for personal computer desktops. Igelle DSV provides a general-purpose desktop operating system for desktop computers, laptops, netbooks and the like, and is in this release made available to personal computers using Intel-compatible processors (x86).

Igelle is designed to run on various different devices, including desktop/laptop computers, cellular phones, mobile internet devices and other handheld computers.

The Esther Desktop was based on LXDE and uses Gnome in combination with a Mac-style dock taskbar.

General info from the project site said:
– distributed as a live CD that can be used without installation;
– can be installed to a local hard drive, flash memory, USB disk, or other storage media attached to the computer;
– lightweight graphical desktop that does not use much memory and runs fast;
– standard desktop applications; easily install other third-party applications such as Skype, Flash player and OpenOffice.org.
– key software components: Linux kernel, glibc 2.8, GCC 4.3.2, X.Org Server 1.6.0

Igelle was independent developed and all packages were compiled straight from upstream sources.

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