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Web site: sourceforge.net/projects/hascodingos/
Origin: Turkey
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: KDE Plasma
Architecture: x86_64
Based on: Ubuntu
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 2.0 | February 23, 2020

HasCodingOS – a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, with KDE Plasma desktop environment and Turkish localization set as default.

As the project developer said, it is “A new operating system based on linux/gnu, that contains all the package programs required for the user.”

HasCodingOS 1.0 “AfyonKalesi” is based on Ubuntu 16.10.
HasCodingOS 2.0 “Ardahan Kalesi” is based on Ubuntu 19.10.

root password: hascoding


HasCodingOS 2.0 amd64 3.1GB.iso
md5sum: 0359312f0c1142437a4fb4d796974569

HasCodingOS 1.0 amd64 2.5GB.iso
md5sum: b5e8a3091647a7a45a1b773f25238e13


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