Web site: handylinux.org (not active)
Origin: France
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Xfce
Architecture: x86, x86_86
Based on: Debian
Wikipedia: HandyLinux
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 2.5 | June 11, 2016
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: HandyLinux

HandyLinux – a Linux distribution based on Debian stable branch. The system is aimed at completely novice users, elderly and people who value freedom of personal computers.

It is equipped with an Xfce desktop, a set of basic applications for everyday use and Handy-Menu.
Handy-Menu is an easy-to-use, personalized menu that allows you to launch applications and to access files and folders of your home folder.

The pre-installed applications include:
– File manager: Thunar
– Internet: Firefox, IceDove, Skype, Transmission
– Multimedia: Clementine, VLC media player, Shotwell
– Office: LibreOffice
– Remote access: TeamViewer
– Print management: CUPS

HandyLinux is available for i686-PAE and amd64 machines in two versions: a full DVD and a smaller Light CD. Handy requires a minimum Pentium 4 or newer processor, 512 MB RAM and 3.7 GB disk space for installation.

The latest version of HandyLinux 2.5 is based on Debian 8.5.

the project changed its name to DFLinux in 2016.


HandyLinux 2.5 i386 1.34MB.iso
md5sum: 9c15657aa7032f826e6905240105528c
HandyLinux 2.5 amd64 1.21MB.iso
md5sum: 8fc0d05a38f78460d698c8f4e9dcbdfe


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