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Origin: Russia
Category: Workstation
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: Elektronika
Based on: Independent
Wikipedia: CSI-DOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 3.32 | 2009

CSI-DOS – a disk operating system for personal computers BK-0011 and BK-0011M, made in Samara with the close cooperation of Alexei Melnikov and Vladimir Kutyakov.

CSI-DOS used its own unique file system, and supported only a color graphical mode of operation. The system supported hard disk and disk drives. A virtual ramdisk was also created in the computer’s memory. The system was designed for “advanced” users, in particular, it included tools for working with the AY-3-8910(12) music coprocessor and the Covox music device. There are a number of games and demo programs written specifically for CSI-DOS. To promote the capabilities of CSI-DOS and AY-3-8910, Alexey Melnikov created the music editor RockMonitor 3, which was superior in its capabilities to previously written counterparts on other platforms.

CSI-DOS did not become relatively widespread primarily due to its high system requirements and lack of compatibility with earlier and cheaper BK-0010 and BK-0010-01 computers. But, on the basis of CSI-DOS, a large number of classrooms were created in the Samara region, which were a central (teacher’s) computer based on BK-0011M, with CSI-DOS installed and associated educational terminals BK-0010, BK-0010 -01, BK-0011M, prepared for remote access to central computer data.

The Turbo Vision system with a convenient API was built into the system, which makes it easy to create window applications for CSI-DOS, as well as the X-Shell file shell.

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