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Web site: (not active)
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Fluxbox
Architecture: x86
Based on: FreeBSD
Media: Live
The last version | Released: | 2004

BSDeviant – a free, FreeBSD-based UNIX-like operating system. The distribution is currently (as of June 2004) under 210MB and fully operates from a mini-CDR (or regular CDR) without the need to install anything on the hard drive.

They claim to emphasize “‘ease of use’ (for both new users and power users), security, and keeping our code as portable and stripped down as possible,” and have the slogan “Unix; anytime, anywhere.”

BSDeviant Package Listing: XFree86 4.3.0, Fluxbox, Gaim, Gkrellm, XMMS, Opera, BitchX, Links, bsd-airtool, nmap, snort, worker.

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