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Origin: Norway
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Wanderer
Architecture: x86
Based on: AROS
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2.22 | November 27, 2018
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: AspireOS

AspireOS – an open source operating system for personal computers, which continues the spirit of AmigaOS. This OS does as AmigaOS did in the past, target multimedia applications and games. Look at it as a creative platform in a kind of retro way. We love the retro stuff like pixel gfx and modules, but we still have mothern web-browser, media player and other software to support todays standards.

This OS is not emulated in any way and does not use Linux kernel or simlar.

AspireOS (AROS) is a clone of AmigaOS in the sence of being compatible with Workbench 3.1, but at the same time being much more advanced.

Any i386 Computer. For trouble free operation I recommend DELL Latitude D520 or ACER Aspire One model A110, A150, or ZG5.

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