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Origin: USA
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: Motorola m68000
Wikipedia: AmigaDOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 1990 ?

AmigaDOS – a disk operating system of the AmigaOS.

The AmigaDOS Resource Project (ARP) was a project created by a group of Amiga developers who also wished to offer enhancements to the early AmigaDOS, as well as offer to C programmers a set of equal or more powerful DOS programming features that could only be accessed from the normal dos.library by using the BCPL language.

ARP is manifested in the following software components:
– a library, arp.library
– a set of replacement commands for CBM’s original BCPL commands in C:,
these either duplicate or enhance the originals.
– a shell (which runs only under WB1.3)

AmigaDOS 1.x was based on a TRIPOS port by MetaComCo, written in BCPL.
AmigaDOS 2.x was rewritten in C, retaining 1.x compatibility where possible.
AmigaOS 4.x abandoned its legacy with BCPL.

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