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Web site: (not active)
Origin: Germany ?
Category: Education
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Kubuntu, Sidux
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2008-01 ? | 2008 ?

Seminarix – a live Linux distribution based on Kubuntu, and then on Sidux. Seminarix was developed in cooperation with Skolelinux and KDE-Edu and is designed to introduce teachers to free software. The live CD contains a collection of free software suitable for education and training.

The Seminarix Live-CD was supported by the companies such as: HP, Intel, G-N-U, Turck and organizations: “Stiftung Partner für Schule”, Medienberatung NRW and Studienseminar Neuss.

Sidux-Seminarix partners with Sidux and describes itself as an education project, which wants to design the teacher and students education with computer assistance cheaper, more effective and descriptive with the help of free Linux programs. For this purpose, the distribution was equipped with software from the fields of education and science a program starter. The program starter makes it easy for the Linux novice, whether teacher or student, to start the various education programs and other general purpose programs. In addition, with the program starter specially developed for sidux-seminarix, you can quickly and easily install various other educational programs. Important information about the programs and web links make it easier for the user to select the programs.

Like Sidux, the live system can be installed on a hard disk or a USB stick. All software can be updated easily and continuously. The manuals of Sidux and Seminarix are included on the CD and should help with problems. Users already using Sidux can use the Metapackage installer to upgrade their installation to Sidux-Seminarix. You can also find Seminarix under the heading »Education« and install it with a mouse click.

Seminarix aims to make teacher and student education less expensive, more effective and more viable with computer support using free open Linux programs. The project was first published in March 2007 by Wolf-Dieter Zimmermann. Initiated by sidux e.V., this edition was created in collaboration with W. D. Zimmermann and interested teachers and users.

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