Web site: www.pclinuxos.hu/pce17os (not active)
Origin: Hungary
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Enlightenment
Architecture: x86
Based on: PCLinuxOS
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: unknown

PCe17OS – a PCLinuxOS based Linux distribution which features the Enlightenment window manager as a default desktop.

PCe17OS is a multilingual version which offers a standard, desktop version and a MultiGamer edition. These two versions are multilingual with English by default.

PCe17OS is a GNU-Linux distribution developed in Hungary based on PCLinuxOS and using the enlightenment window manager in its new version E17 (version

The MultiGamer edition arrives with numerous multimedia applications (audacity, blender, cinelerra, dvdshrink, gimp, inkscape, mplayer, streamtuner, TV Browser, etc.). It also includes many games like battle_for_wesnoth, chromium, Frets on fire, frozen_bubble, Mania Drive, sauerbraten, tower_toppler, Tux Footbal.

The project developer is Lisovszki Sandor.

The PCe17OS screenshot source: fandom.com; License: CC-BY-SA.

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