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Web site:
Origin: Germany
Category: Multimedia
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: Debian
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 0.7

LinVDR – a complete, breathing Linux system smaller than 128 MB with a complete digital Video Disk Recorder (VDR)/Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and several plugins. For easy access we installed additionally the browser frontend VDR Admin and a Samba share for up- and downloading music or DVD images with Windows clients.

The base system is Debian Woody compatible (only compatible, not Debian Woody itself) with the DVB driver from Convergence and Klaus Schmidingers unbeated Video Disk Recorder Software VDR.

VDR was designed to work with so-called full featured DVB cards. This is a Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) receiver card originally developed from Technotrend. Hauppauge adopted these cards and labeled them WinTV DVB-s/C or Nexus.

“root” password is “linvdr”
“linvdr” password is “linvdr”
Samba: workgroup “workgroup”, user “linvdr”, password “linvdr”
VDR Admin runs on port 80, German is default language, admin account is “linvdr”, dassword “linvdr”, “guest” login is disabled but has “guest” as pre-set password.

The project developer are Thomas Koch and Mirko Dölle.

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