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Web site: (not active)
Origin: France ?
Category: Scientific
Desktop environment: IceWM
Architecture: x86
Based on: Knoppix
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 0.3beta | May 17, 2003

Legnoppix – a robotics distribution, based on Knoppix.

Laims to have Linux discover all those who love LEGO and computers. This version of Linux is bootable (startup) from a CD media. So there is no need to have Windows, or a hard drive, and no installation. Just insert the CD and wait for it to start. Knoppix provides a complete environment that can be installed in place of or in addition to your existing OS (like Windows, etc.). The most useful / requested packages for / by LEGO users are present in this distribution. The wallpapers below will allow you to get an idea of the general “pace” of the software.

The following software is available in version 0.1.1:
– BrickOS (legOS 2.5)
– LejOS 2.1.0
– MLCAD 3.00
– LeoCAD 0.73.0
– Support for Vision Command
– Script for downloading and easy compilation of LegOS program
– NLP 0.1

The most common software is integrated, such as:
– Mozilla (web browser)
– The Gimp (drawing software)
– Emacs (evolved text editor)
– Glimmer (text editor)
– Xmms (listen to music)
– Gcombust (burn CDs)
– Xpdf (PDF viewer)

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