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Web site: hacao.com
Origin: Vietnam
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: IceWM
Architecture: x86
Based on: Puppy
Wikipedia (VI): Hacao
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 4.21 | July 5, 2012

Hacao – a Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux, for Vietnamese users. It can fit in a 300MB CD or bootable USB Flash drive to run Linux directly from those devices. No hard drive required. This is the smallest supported Linux distribution in Vietnamese up to the present time. All software in Hacao Linux comes with an open source license.

The first version 1.06 was released with two versions: Standard (75MB) and Advanced (82MB), enhanced version with StarDict dictionary.

On May 8, 2006, Hacao announced on the vnoss forum that a later version’s bugs were fixed due to development from the upcoming Puppy Linux 2.0 release. The official version was released on June 19, 2006 with an ISO file size of 94MB. Geany text editor replaced Beaver which was too old and did not support Vietnamese.

Launched shortly after version 2.0, version 2.01 was released with OpenOffice.org 2.03 office suite with full Vietnamese interface. It should be noted that the Vietnamese language pack for OpenOffice.org was the first version taken from the Ubuntu repo, removing help of OpenOffice and installing the language pack. It made the ISO file of this version only 174MB, smaller than the original OpenOffice installation file. And since this is the first Linux distribution which used OpenOffice.org 2 in Vietnamese (before Ubuntu).

Hacao 4.21 was developed directly from Puppy 4 “Dingo”, both Standard and Pro versions with Vietnamese typing kits, xvnkb and Unikey.

Hacao was developed entirely from a Linux version that did not support Unicode as default, so many localized versions of Puppy Linux are based on Hacao Linux with Unicode support, such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian.

The project developer is Nguyễn Quang Trường (nickname: Hacao).
The project was under active development between 2006 and 2012.

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