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Web site: www.geteasypeasy.com
Origin: Norway
Category: Netbook
Desktop environment: Gnome
Architecture: x86
Based on: Ubuntu
Wikipedia: EasyPeasy
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 2.0 Alpha | March 5, 2012

EasyPeasy (formerly: Ubuntu Eee) – an Ubuntu based Linux distribution for netbooks. It uses Ubuntu Netbook Remix graphical user interface and includes open source and some proprietary software.

EasyPeasy is optimized for low power consumption and was from the early start developed with good battery performance and mobility in mind.

EasyPeasy is designed for the cloud. It is configured with Wifi and wireless drivers that enable you to easily connect your netbook to the Internet and enjoy web applications straight from the desktop.

The project was started by Jon Ramvi in December 2007 as the Ubuntu Eee, but was renamed to EasyPeasy in January 2009.

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