CommodoreOS updated

Hi there There is a good news. Stan, our community member has shared with us his copy of CommodoreOS 1.0 beta9 both DVD 1 & 2 iso images. The images are already placed at SourceForge so can be downloaded from the CommodoreOS archive page: Thank’s a lot Stan!

Vote for ArchiveOS on SourceForge

ArchiveOS project has been selected and will be listed on the next Projects of the Week Issue for September 11th, 2017 on the SourceForge Blog. You will see ArchiveOS reflected live on the SourceForge homepage and blog next week. Vote then for ArchiveOS if you like the project, anyone with a SourceForge account is eligible … Read more


A few days ago the data base reached the number of 300 operating systems. The biggest category of the operating systems in our data base is still Linux, but other categories such as *BSD, DOS, Solaris and independent still having new entries. Anyway, if you have an interesting, old or out of date operating … Read more

Project of the week on SourceForge

  This week, the is one of a few candidates for a project of the week of the If you like and would like to support it, simply vote for !  

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