Web site: Origin: Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Enlightenment Architecture: x86 Based on: Puppy Wikipedia: Macpup Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 5.5.0 | August 23, 2013 Zobacz po polsku: Macpup Macpup – a minimalist Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux. Macpup uses the Enlightenment window manager as its default desktop. It is … Read more



Web site: Origin: Puerto Rico Category: Specialist Desktop environment: KDE Architecture: x86 Based on: Knoppix Wikipedia: Media: Live CD The last version | Released: 0.2.1 Beta | February 6, 2004 Bioknoppix – a Knoppix based live Linux distribution with open source applications targeted for the molecular biologist. Bioknoppix includes tools for DNA and protein … Read more



Web site: Origin: India Category: Security, Pentest Desktop environment: Gnome Architecture: x86 Based on: Debian Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 3 RC1 | September 27, 2013 Zobacz po polsku: Matriux Matriux – a GNU/Linux, Debian based security distribution designed for penetration testing and cyber forensic investigations. It is a distribution … Read more

Linux Secure Remix

linux secure remix

Web site: Origin: Category: Rescue Desktop environment: Unity Architecture: x86, x86_64 Based on: Ubuntu Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 13.04 | November 30, 2014 Zobacz po polsku: Linux Secure Remix Linux Secure Remix (previously: Ubuntu Secure Remix) – a live Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It offers security installation of … Read more



Web site: Origin: France Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Cpcdos’s GUI Architecture: x86 Based on: Cpcdos OSx Wikipedia: Media: Live The last version | Released: 1.1 Alpha | February, 2015 Zobacz po polsku: CraftyOS CraftyOS – a free operating system based on the Cpcdos OSx kernel, written only with CpcdosC+ language (CpcdosC+ will integrate the … Read more