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Origin: Taiwan
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Cinnamon
Architecture: x86_64
Based on: Fedora
Wikipedia: Linpus Linux
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 2.2-lite | July 11, 2014

Linpus – an operating system from the Linux family based on the Fedora distribution, created by the Taiwanese company Linpus Technologies Inc, aimed in particular at the Asian market, hence having full support for the languages available there – Chinese and Japanese.

Thanks to cheap laptops from China, it also became popular in Europe. The available system versions are: Linpus LINUX Desktop, Linpus LINUX Server, Linpus Media Center and Linpus LINUX Lite. This latest edition is intended for installation on netbooks and other computers with weak hardware. The system in this version has been optimized for portable devices with small screens, hence it supports low resolutions such as VGA (640×480). Some netbooks: Acer, Aspire One and Northtec Gecko have Linpus LINUX Lite pre-installed.

Linpus Lite Desktop Edition is an extremely powerful yet versatile desktop, notebook, hybrid and ultrabook Linux operating system.
It stands out from with other its rivals in several key areas: It has added functionality specifically designed to make the most of the touch screen and other tablet functionality of the newest classes of convertible notebooks.It is built with a big nod to the future with deep integrated support for HTML5 applications and cloud services.It has best in its class power saving and faster boot than most other Linux distributions.

The Lite part of the name certainly does not mean lacking functionality – Linpus Lite is a robust, full functioning operating system with as much detail paid to productivity as well as entertainment. The Lite part of the name came from our focus on creating Linux solutions that were easier to use and faster to boot. For us, Lite signified fun, fast, quick to learn; light on difficulty. In keeping with this, Linpus Lite was one of the first Linux distributions to offer a fully customized UI and dual launchers with a user experience specially designed for those new to computing (past iterations have been at the forefront of the netbook revolution as well as quick boot). Now we continue to strive to innovate around the user experience in the light of new trends; integrating web apps, touch, and adapting for the PC’s new role as part of an ecosystem of devices connected by the cloud.

– HTML5 app launcher – The UX of this launcher is designed with a web experience in mind, is super fast and designed to organize web apps better. You can separate apps by category, benefit from the high fps, and get app great touch support.
– Web app support – More than 2000 web apps can now be easily discovered in our app center, they launch full screen, and are seamlessly integrated with our launchers.
– Chrome app integration – Log into your Chrome app account and all the apps will sync across with our launchers. Log out and into another Chrome account and it will sync those apps instead.
– Touch – There is deep support for touch with key apps like photo viewer, browser, and the app center customized to allow touch scrolling and multi-touch resizing.
– Latest chipsets – Optimization for all the latest notebook and PC chipsets including Haswell.
– Virtual keyboard – Next word and punctuation prediction, error correction and 33 languages.
– Auto backup – Automatic backup of your email & data.
– Impress remote control support for Android phone.
– Powerful security with UEFI secure boot, VPN, firewall and security tools.
– Quick launch panel for fast network and screen configuration.
– Smart icon notifications for weather, upgrades, email, new apps and 1000s of applications.

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